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Content Marketing is defined by creating and distributing relevant and quality content (eg text, graphics, videos, e-books, white papers, newsletters, etc.). Through this marketing discipline to win early attention of the audience and builds trust and loyalty. This convinces potential customers of the company and its own power supply and anchored the brand with a lasting positive memories in the minds of the target audience.

Table of Contents

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Content marketing process
  • Goals
  • Strategy
  • Topics Research and Monitoring
  • Content Creation
  • Influencer research and seeding process
  • Monitoring and Reporting

What is Content Marketing?

In contrast to the product marketing is not put at Content Marketing the positive image of the company and its products at the core, but recovered by the exchange of useful information and advisory or appealing Entertainment confidence of the target group and placed their own brand as an authority.

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The crux of a content marketing campaign lies in the production and dissemination of informational, advisory or entertaining content, which already finds the target group in information procurement phase. Thus, the own brand is anchored at an early stage with positive memories in the minds of the target audience.

Buying a product or the use of services is usually preceded by an intensive search of potential customers. The target group is looking for at this stage much more for information and troubleshooting, as according to the product, which only reflects the final step in the buying process. Through strategically planned content marketing activities, the company has the opportunity to reach potential customers and interact with him without directly sell him something.

The challenge is, using a thoughtful approach (strategy), the right content (Content), to achieve at the right time (seeding), in the right place (Influencer), the right people (target group). Monitoring & Reporting provide important indicators about the achievement of the objectives defined and the final campaign analysis provides important management potential for future actions.
Content marketing process

Content Strategy Process
1. Definition of content marketing objectives

In the first step of the content marketing strategy the target definition is made. Depending anvisiertem target can be determined, the strategy look different. If the target is to increase the brand awareness within the target group? If the website traffic increase? The Link Site be strengthened? Alternatively, the lead generation is the goal?
We define with you the right goals for your success!
2. Content Marketing Strategy

Based on the objectives set, we determine together with you tailored to your business and your target audience content marketing strategy. This includes not only the content, the matching medium and the channels used and the exact campaign process and the frequency of new content.
We provide you with the right strategy to achieve these goals!
3. Search topics and themes Monitoring

Once the conditions are staked, it comes to the topics Search for content to be created. Here are especially relevance, timeliness, scope and added value for the users of particular importance. In order to continuously create current and interesting content for you, we right for your industry and your subjects a special monitoring a. So we know the latest trends in your industry and can then create interesting content for your target audience.
We will find the latest trends in the industry and the needs of your target audience!
4. Content Creation

Together with our network of professional editors, web designers and graphic designers, we create for you quality content that both content, as well as highlights from your target audience and contribute to the achievement of objectives.
We ensure that your content is created in the highest quality!
5. Influencer Search and seeding process

Just as important as the creation of high-quality content is the seeding of the content to the relevant opinion makers in the industry. The best content are useless if they are not discovered and disseminated by others. We have contacts with high-reach portals, as well as tools to identify the most important sources in your industry.
We ensure that your content will be found from the relevant target group!
6. Monitoring and reporting

In order to measure the success of your campaigns, we implement directly at the beginning of each campaign a meaningful monitoring. Thus, the key to your success KPIs can be captured and processed in a transparent reporting for you.
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