Link Building: What you should consider

Link Building: What you should consider

A link is a link ... Many are the times I've heard this phrase, of course, referring to it as a link that will get advantage for us but I feel that at some point had to say: NOOOOOO !!! Not at all, many times a link instead of benefiting it does is harm, sometimes it may not pass anything but the risk that the master of the searchers us out a red card and send us the bank runs for a while .... On this subject I wanted to start, I'll be sharing some considerations to take into account when executing a link building campaign for our projects.
Link Building. Some things to consider
Quality over quantity

Whether it is ... It's better link quality, well managed and well-fetched than 100 low quality, but what is a quality link? Well, a quality link is one that is achieved in a web of authority, which treats the subject of which we speak in our website and the page from which we are bound to have quality content related to our theme, for example, if I have a site where it is spoken phrases for twitter, I could create an article somewhere on social media to talk about the impact of phrases and place my twitter link from there ... You're straight? Well, still a little more in relation to this: It is always important to consider outbound links that has the page from which we are linking to, if you have many, not for you ... unless they are many but authority sites (Twitter, Google, Wikipedia ...), but we will fix not only the amount, what if but has few links to sites like: Hehe. Bad, very bad ... as long you could say you visit these pages is the only way to get some benefit ... Haha.

Whenever we want to make a link building campaign our first choices are pages that appear in the top positions for keywords, our second option will be the link pages.
Relationship DoFollow / NoFollow

What is this? Well, you've probably read elsewhere that links are like a page makes recommendations to another, but these "recommendations" according to Mr Matt Cuts (webspaming Manager for Google), they are valid only if the links are " Dofollow "though I sincerely believe that not much sir the states that nofollow links are not considered for the position but Google if you take into account seriously, you read right ... they said I could I conclude this and my experience is that you should always try to maintain a close relationship with guest blogging benefits and a 1: 1 dofollow and nofollow links, that is, we should try that for every link dofollow our website there is also a nofollow link.
Rhythm Linked

Simple, is not the same to get a daily link weekly get 7 links divided in two days ... Seriously, Google measures up to this, so I can recommend is that before starting a campaign of link building and jump into as getting link you possibly can, you better take pen and paper and make a little planning where scribes sources of links you can count and accordingly determine the amount of links that will place weekly or monthly, maintaining a pace roughly constant. Special Tip: If you have the possibility of an accelerated pace of links is great, I mean, the first week can put 2 links, the second can put 3 the third can place 4 and so on, I have noticed that following this type of patterns my pages are catapulted to the top positions with surprising speed.
Anchor Text Variation

The "anchor text" is nothing more than the word or words you use to place the link, I worked with sites that have been created links above and have noticed how many people use the same anchor text for all your links, let me tell you that this mistake could cost you a penalty ... is always advisable to change the text with which we place the link: Our name, url naked, keyword variations, generic texts: Read more, click here, more information here, this And similar link ...

Finally I would say that if you are really considering doing SEO really, anything will work if you do not produce quality content, although it is possible to position websites containing poor quality but always more difficult and little lasting so your base to have a well-positioned web is to have quality content in it and the sites from which you are linking.

And so you see that I'm a type of link building expert like Eric Ward so I will continue to share a couple of forums from which you can easily get dofollow links (Dofollow the signature and content) ,: