Advertising formats reach Instagram

Advertising formats reach Instagram

Although it seemed that would never come soon be here. Instagram begins to give us small pills of what will be your content marketing agency format, how is behaving in the world, and how will you start working.

October 6, 2010, on any given day such as today's, is given a new event, the launch of a new Google PPC Agency application that five years later has become a revolution. When the app was only just two months, in December 2012, already it had 1,000,000 users, and with only a year to live, came to 10 million.

With the purchase by Facebook in April 2012, the community continued to grow until that year to 80 million users and a year later, in 2013 continued to grow at a rapid rate of 100 million monthly active users.

In just five years, the application has become a monster with more than 300 million active users per month, more than 30 billion photos shared per month, and about 70 million photos uploaded per day.

With all this changing of the content marketing strategy application, this 2015 has returned to disrupt us betting advertising, (finally in Spain), although a secret (loudly) probably be launched in the coming months (and has been launched in almost everyone, and our French neighbors have since last month, and it is believed that before the summer, will be in Spain).
What will consist of advertising we see in Instagram?

Your advertising time format, will be very simple. Each sponsored publication will be indicated with a small logo on the top right of the name of "sponsored" that will indicate that a particular user, that image has sponsored or that video. If you want to hide it, just you press the "..." button that appears at the bottom right of the image and if desired, provide feedback as to why this campaign has not interested him.

The main objective of this unique format in Instagram Ads is to make ads appear in the most natural way possible, so if you are interested in an ad, sure more will follow that mark and that advertising, reaching an audience widespread and committed with the brand itself. Not so much the success of an advertising campaign with the number of likes or comments, like memories that cause these campaigns in the user's mind.

Instagram also ensures that the user is who always has control, so if the ad is not to your taste, you can hide and give feedback directly to the application of why this announcement did not like.

Why Instagram interesting for brands?

Instagram now has 200 million active users, and has become one of the most popular networks in the world, generating more than 70 million photos a day and is able to achieve more than 1.6 billion likes a day.
The main brands we all know, and have an account in Instagram advertising and also 73% of those marks, issued at least one photo or video a week.
Instagram users are increasingly aware of what they trademarks in this social network. So much so that the best brands in Instagram, and have an average of 19,000 comments.
Advertising that proposes Instagram is not ephemeral, it is from two weeks when videos and photos are larger audience.

While we are still waiting to start advertising on Instagram, in other countries such as Australia, they have already begun to move advertising through carousel ads (which lets through multiple images to create a full announcement), and already have links fully clickable, so that when the ad displays the last image, you can click on the link to see "more information" and thus bring users to the URL you want.