LinkedIn Marketing Benefits

LinkedIn Marketing Benefits

Many may think of LinkedIn as a social network without massive use than promote yourself to job search, but nothing is further from reality. Today there are more than 180 million business users and an increase of another weekly million. More and more companies are using LinkedIn for companies and help grow your business. The fact that LinkedIn is the personal and business platform number 1 allows many companies use this tool to get many benefits.
Starting to Use LinkedIn for Business

First, and before implementing any of these LinkedIn Marketing Benefits tips, we need to create an account to use LinkedIn for business. With more than 3 million business pages, more and more users and businesses Today it is increasingly clear that its importance. It would be best to assign a group of internal managers weekly task of having the updated page. In this way the page would never fall into oblivion or accumulate a long list of things to update that, let's face it, the longer, the less likely it is that we put a day. LinkedIn page for companies to be successful, informative and consistent with the company brand. Moreover he must have an organic positioning (SEO). This could be done by using keywords, an attractive interface and present images and links. The idea is that the page win honor and a global awareness for the company, and what better way than providing quality content and information to your followers? These in turn, share this content and page will help win converts.

If apart from your LinkedIn page for businesses, the company has another website, we will great for the SEO link building create links to your LinkedIn page to the quality content of its website. Search engines like Google tend to value highly these qualitative links and consequently raise the ranking of your website on search engines.

You can also increase your followers nímero LinkedIn page by adding a link to it on their website or even email signatures of all employees. Add buttons "Like" or "share" all content published on its website also help virility and scope of the information published.
Select LinkedIn for Business and Personal

Every day more companies use LinkedIn to select the best people for your company. LinkedIn showcases to recruit all kinds of talents. With hundreds of millions of professionals using this platform, all a company has to do is a search for keywords on the vacancy and automatically get an extensive list of professionals with a wide range of experiences, from recent graduates to senior executives . Search employees has never been easier.
Today Business Awareness, Visibility and Business Opportunities

If used properly, Today companies can raise awareness and recognition of your company. With regard to recognition of your company, there is a section dedicated to LinkedIn questions and answers. Many companies often use this section to demonstrate their professional knowledge by answering questions on topics relevant to their sector. If users feel satisfied with the answers, they can give a grade of "top rating" to the company. As more "top ratings" received more recognition as an authority you will have the company in this sector. Consequently, users increasingly seek their help and recommend to others. This eventually will be able to generate business opportunities. Another way to use LinkedIn to increase business is through advertising campaigns CPC or CPM. CPC (cost per click) you pay for a click on your ad. This method is mainly used to generate conversions on your page. The choice of CPM (Cost Per Impressions) focuses on the number of times your ad is viewed, regardless of whether or not you receive a click. They usually hire packet thousand impressions up and is a good way to increase brand awareness or product.
Today to network

Another utility to use LinkedIn for companies is the ability to create networks with their industry-related companies. Connected with other similar companies can share ideas and information among them on the sector and thus keep up with regard to new regulations or trends. Create a group on LinkedIn for companies and professionals in the sector can also help establish your weight or domain knowledge of the sector. Another advantage of LinkedIn for companies is the ability to skip to speak under secretaries (as) or receptionists to gain access to senior positions in other companies since often these charges also have accounts on LinkedIn. This makes it much easier to close a business deal.

In short, using LinkedIn for business may be the perfect tool to help your company. Helping from brand awareness, to the selection of qualified personnel, or even to create and implement campaigns and marketing much more effective than cheap SEO tradicionales.¿Jugamos? Positioning strategy ...

We play SEO

I commented on this post that the main reason why I created this blog is for ordinary people who have their own blog or web page can be positioned in the search engines without having to be experts in SEO Content Creation Company or anything like that, and will comment further on some techniques you can use to climb positions in search engines generate only a small number of links, for the moment I bring this strategy I have termed "We played SEO" which consists of a pair of proposals that could benefit all to position our websites quickly and tell them each of the proposals:
1. Social Game:

The proposal is very simple: The idea is to form groups of 25 people, each of these people must have at least:

A profile on Facebook that are part of at least 5 groups
A twitter account with at least 1,000 followers
A page on Google +
A LinkedIn profile that is part of at least 5 groups

In total, each person will do 14 publications each URL, the URL to publish will be provided by each participant (5 URL per person) and the order will be selected systematically so as to be 5 rounds of publications and in each round a url is published each participant. All publications will be using hootsuite to what the pro version of the tool or at least a free trial version that you can get here is required to schedule publications a file with all publications in order to provide at this It will not take more than 5 minutes.

That if I accept only serious people who are not posting anything illegal, offensive or misleading and each publication must be made so as not to understand that the person who published a direct part of the activity that is being promoted.

Using this strategy each person will:

May networks urls x 14 x 25 people = 1750 publications.

Remember that search engines take into account the activity of our content on social networks so with this and would be enough to appear at the top for any keyword that does not have too much competition. If you want to join this group here let me your details and I will contact you later:

If you do not know how to use the tool hootsuite, we do not worry about it, I will teach them to use it at least for the purposes I have proposed here.
2. Link Exchange:

For this option I will give you the opportunity to have a link on this website to a web property but is not an exchange as usual, only barter links content with similar issues and not be a direct exchange, ie, I will add a link on this website to yours but you will add a link to one of my websites. If you are interested you can write using the form below: